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Get to know us and what we stand for?

Who We Are

A citadel of learning completely endowed with experienced pedagogies, professionally sound and highly motivated to make a difference in every child..

Our Mode of teaching


Our curriculum and modes of instructions equip our learners with a sound beginning at infant school such that every child develops reading ability at age3+

Our approach to teaching and learning process is in line with 21st Century which prepares and equips them for global challenge.

Our classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids to enhance learning.

Every student is subjected to challenging task in other to bring out the best in them. In the same vein, we craft them to become pathfinders, inventors and problem solvers in our challenging world.

Our Vision


To be an exemplary, pupil focused, distinctively known school that is highly regarded for the competence and character of our pupils..


We aspire to be a leading, innovative, high performing school that graduates each student with required competence for a successful career

Our Mission


To educate the "whole child", foster a life-long learning, encourage critical thinking and equip our p upils with intensive learning at level needed for effective and courageous continuity in their academics


We engage and empower our students to achieve excellence in their educational and personal goals

Our Aims

To lay a foundation in children for a glorious future.

To produce well rewarding pupils, morally, spiritually and academically balanced.

To assist children in attaining the adequate physical development.

To maintain awareness of our culture for better social development of the children.

To set high standard in our education system.

Our Core Values

Godliness, Diligence, Punctuality, Neatness, Culture, Creativity and Respect

Our Core Belief

STUDENT FIRST: Our students are our first priority.

CHARACTER: We value integrity and respect for all

EXPECTATIONS: We believe all students can learn and hold high expectations.

TEACHING & LEARNING: Effective teaching and a rigorous curriculum are the foundations for high-quality learning.

WORK ETHICS: We work hard and take pride for all that we do.

HEALTH & SAFETY: We all have an obligation to promote a healthy, safe and secure environment.

COMMUNITY: Student, Family, and Community engagement is critical for our success.

The outcome result of awesome performance?
Books & Reading - 99%
Education Principles - 99%
Lesson Plans - 99%
Work Life Balance - 98%
Creative Writing - 99%

How do we work for strategic plans?
We work out our strategic plans through documenting and establishing a direction from where we are to where we are going.
Our overall action towards target?

Overall action towards Target.

[1] Planning
[2] Implementation
[3] Monitoring
[4] Evaluation
[5] Expectation
Why should you register your kid with us?

21 Reasons every Child should attend De-Glorious International Schools.

1. It is a school approved and recognized by the Ministry of Education for academic excellence.
2. We never compromise the quality of our service delivery because we have the FEAR OF GOD and wanted the best for our kids
3. At Glorious Children Academy, Our kids start reading at age 3+
4. We adopt Montessori approach to enable our kids develop their reading independency with fun at early stage
5. We maintain a balanced Teacher to pupil ratio to enhance focus
6. Our pupils are well exposed and participate well in different competitions both within and outside the state.
7. We have a resource room with an interactive board, a laptop and a projector for research and visual learning.
8. Our functional library is well stocked for learners to assess books of their choice.
9. We encourage critical thinking and provide challenging academic environment.
10. All our learning environment and classrooms are serene, noiseless, beautiful and secured. Well conducive for learning with Fans and uninterrupted power supply.
11. Every of our nursery & primary classes have one plasma TV & Laptop respectively for teaching aids and to make learning more interactive.
12. Our learners’ class in infant school has air conditioned (AC) for conducive learning environment.
13. Our Pupils from Grade 2-6 write Computer Based Test (CBT) and Exam thereby exposing them to 21st century challenge.
14. We have a well equipped Computer Lab with more than 21 Systems both Desktop and Laptops for ICT practical and all connected to the internet.
15. At Grade 6, our learners graduate with an unbeatable standard anywhere they find themselves.
16. Our co-curricular involvements make us unique as we dig dip to develop our learners’ potentials through entrepreneurial and Vocational skills.
17. At De-glorious International Schools, our pedagogues are academically sound, trained, highly exposed, matured and spiritually inclined.
18. It is guided and supervised by an Educational Doyen
19. We are result-oriented.
20. We optimize round the clock academic supervision for excellent result
21. It is a conglomerate or assembly of GLORIOUS CHILDREN.

Note: Prospective Customers can come for assessment of all these claims anytime . A trial will surely convince you. We are the best!

What do we teach?


Pure Academics

"We teach morals, self esteem and self values, self discipline, self dependence, character, behaviors and way of modesty in our day to day relation with our peers, friends and family".



"Computer training on basic packages, research making, surfing the internet for vast knowledge on technological advancement".



"We have highly developed extracurricular activities for a well balanced social life. Social clubs like cultural troupe, art and theatre, beauty pageant etc are much available. We equally promote tourism through excursion".



"With the availability of various musical instruments, we train our pupils to play these instruments, do voice training and develop their talents".



"Physical exercise for body fitness, sport engagement like Athletics, football and educative games like Scrabble, chess, Monopoly,Ayo olopon amongst others".

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