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51, Ejio Street, Off Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Arigbajo, Ewekoro, Ogun State.

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You are welcome to De-glorious International Schools, where total education resides without compromise. It is a co-educational school that operates Nursery, Primary and Secondary Education..

It was established in September, 2013 with a clear mission "To educate the "whole child", foster a life-long learning, encourage critical thinking and equip our pupils with intensive learning at level needed for effective and courageous continuity in their academics". We aspire to be a leading, innovative, high performing school that graduates each student with required competence for a successful career.

The school is located at No. 51 Ejio Road, Off Lagos-Abeokuta, Arigbajo, Ewekoro, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Our school is endowed with responsible and responsive management committed to the provision of a favorable environment for teaching/ learning activities. The teachers of the school are loving, humane and professionally sound; they are also disciplined, dedicated, well supervised and highly motivated. Emphasis is on effective preparation for and delivery of lessons with feedback systems.

Regularly, our teaching staffs are made to undergo in-house and out-of-station workshops and courses to improve their standard. Our school is a developing school ensuring all facilities are put in place to bring out the desired changes in every child and our past records speaks volume.

We are confidently sure your encounter with us wouldn’t be regrettable as the system is designed to meet and exceed your expectations on your child.

Our achievements in the past years of establishment clearly unveil the truth that our ministry is ordained and driven by God.

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Admission in Progress (2021/2022 academic session)
Admission Procedures
  1. Click HERE to download the registration form
  2. Make a deposit of #2,000 to the school account for screening.
  3. Present your child for a written test if within the age bracket (3 and above)
  4. Confirm admission status and report online
  5. Print Admission letter Bill and List of books for your child
  6. Make payment to the school account and submit teller or proof of transfer to the bursar's office for admission materials and receipt
N.B: For further information, kindly contact 09069929534, 07035700575, 08137987860

Summer Programs

We offer a summer program to all students both internal & external students during the long vacation periods. Kindly visit the school, or call any of our hot-lines for more information.


Having observed the academic instinct in some children of this age and in support of our vision for national recognitions through participation in various competitions both within and outside the state, the School system has provision for a class named "HERO CLASS" housing pupils of this academic excellence called genius to be trained for such task and exposure. All the pupils in this class will be allowed to participate in competitions of multiple entries both within and outside the state ..... .

Click HERE for details

Core Values / Aims

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Discipline
  • Hard work
  • Commitment
  • Humility

Our Aims

  • To lay a foundation in children for a glorious future.
  • To produce well rewarding pupils, morally and academically balanced.
  • To assist children in attaining the adequate physical development.
  • To maintain awareness of our culture for better social development of the children.
  • To set high standard in our education system.

Vision / Mission


"To be an exemplary, pupil focused, distinctively known school that is highly regarded for the competence and character of our pupils".


"To educate the "whole child", foster a life-long learning, encourage critical thinking and equip our pupils with intensive learning at level needed for effective and courageous continuity in their academics".


We have classes ranging from INFANT SCHOOL to INFANT SCHOOL ......

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Portal News


02 Jun 2021

  Pre-Mid Term Test begins on Wed. 2nd and ends on Tue. 8th June, 2021. This is to evaluate topics taught from week 1 to week 5. Pupils from basic 3 to 6 shall be writing a CBT Test.

Revision & Post Mid Term Test

02 Jun 2021

  The Revision and Post Mid Term Test begins Wed. 2nd of June and ends on 8th June, 2021.


09 Jun 2021

  Parents are expected to show up in school to crosscheck their ward(s) materials and also join the forum of Teachers and Parents later in the day for discussions relating to our children and school development.


10 Jun 2021

  The School shall proceeds on two days holiday as Mid-term break on Thursday 10th & Friday 11th, June 2021. The School reopens on Monday 14th June, 2021.


12 Jun 2021

  No Public holiday is declared yet for this day until then.


14 Jun 2021

  By resumption of School on Monday 14th June, Pupils that are yet to balance their School Fees shall be disallowed from School. It shall be operation No Pay, No Entry except for pupils with validated payment plan.


21 Jun 2021

  Newsflash @GCAstaff Dear Lovely parents, going through the list of unpaid invoices as of today 17th June,2021, the management is completely not encouraged as the unpaid invoices are on the high side which is posing a lot of financial issues at the moment. The report received from the account department is that some parents had promised ending of the month. By our record, month ending is exactly end of week 10 which is just 2 days to commencement of promotional examination and most promises made for this ending might not be a complete payment. The management had made payment of school fees flexible enough and demonstrated better understanding with parents all in the interest not to send the kids home. Regrettably, Parents non compliance to Payment policy is seriously posing a lot of challenges to the school. On this account, the management had instructed that all pupils with more than #10,000 balance should be disallowed with effect from Monday 21st June, 2021 Meanwhile, those with balance less than #10,000 should clear the bill before Wednesday 31st June,2021 Please note: Pupils that ply transport (school bus) in this category would not be picked as from Monday. We know this decision might result into some level of misunderstanding which we already apologize. Together we make GCAcademy a smooth running system. Please act on this before the due time so as not to be caught unaware as no plea would be taken in this regard. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. We pray God bless You to meet up your obligations on our kid(s). Director Of Studies GCAcademy


05 Jul 2021

  3rd Term Promotional Examination commences Monday 5th July and ends Friday 9th July, 2021.


28 Jul 2021

  5th Graduation/ End of Session Party holds on Wednesday 28th July, 2021.


30 Jul 2021

  The school vacates officially for 3rd Term 2020/2021 Academic Session and proceeds on 7 Weeks Holiday.


Our Management Staffs

Olubaju Omoniyi. S

Director Of Studies

Akinpelumi Olubisi

HOD Nursery

Amusa Oluranti

HOD Primary

Fadeyi Folashade

ICT Manager

Ariyibi Sekinat

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